Diving safari in the Maldives in October

Diving safari in the Maldives in October

Diving safari in the Maldives in October

Dates: 15-22 october (5 places left) and 22-29 october (only 1 place left)

Price: 1870$ (Flight to Male is NOT included)
Price for 2 weeks (from 15 to 29 october): 3740$ (Flight to Male is NOT included)

The price includes: group transfer (airport — yacht — airport), all needed fees and charges, living in comfortable double cabins (lavatory, douch and air-condition is in every room), three meals per day (plus snacks, tea and coffee all day long), dive guide, 2-3 dives per day.

Additional expenses: the flight to Male, tips for the crew (usually in is about 50$ in the end of the week), dive insurance, learning diving, water sports provided by coastal hotels.

Every day:

• bathing and sunbathing

• snorkelling

• visiting the beaches and islands

• surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing catamarans — for an additional fee

• Jet ski, banana, water skiing — all motor sports for an additional fee)

• beach sports

• fishing, including gambling sports for large fish

• gaming consoles

• training diving for an international certificate (it is advisable to warn in advance to order literature.) The cost of studying can be clarified by phone + 7-921-664-64-97

• photosessions (including underwater)

• and everything that is available in the Maldives

In the evening:

• watching films

• karaoke and / or disco

• dinner and evening rest in any hotel is possible — for an additional fee

• enjoying the passionate Maldivian sunsets and the boundless night sky.

Although it is customary to spend evenings enjoying the starry sky and the sea breeze, with a glass of your favorite drink in your hands and talking with your friends — old and new.

Ask the staff to turn off the lights on the upper decks and look around: the bottomless darkness of the night ocean supports the endless dome of the starry sky.

Satellites, falling stars, the gentle flow of the Milky Way — the mystery of this sky can be seen for hours.

The standard route runs through 5 central atolls:
North Male Atoll — South Male Atoll — Ari Atoll — The Atoll Atoll — Felidu Atoll.

The cruise starts right from the meeting at the airport: guests are met with a sign with the name of the yacht and after 20 minutes of sea walks you are on board.

For the next week the whole yacht (except perhaps the cabins of other passengers) is at your disposal. On the yacht you move easily and naturally — barefoot, and not worrying about the things left on all decks. This is your home. At least for the next week. The entire crew you know by name on the second day, and until the end of the holiday you feel not a guest, but a full-fledged master of this elegant and comfortable vessel. All guests of the yacht — usually 14-18 people, quickly get to know each other, and by the end of the trip there are beautiful international companies — the atmosphere on board is always amazing.

Every day begins with an early cup of tea or coffee and an early morning dive for divers. Around 8:30 a general breakfast is served, at 14:00 the yacht is ready for lunch, and dinner usually starts at 19:00. During the day, divers have 2-3 dives. The time and amount of daily dives are determined during the day and depend on the route, season and schedule. Before each dive, dive guides conduct a detailed briefing on the dive site, currents, marine life and safety. While divers will be busy with their business, snorkelers can enjoy a «flight» over corals, surrounded by colorful fish …

Once a week:

• visiting the inhabited island: acquaintance with the life of local residents and buying souvenirs

• night fishing in the national Maldivian style — on a long fishing line with hooks, in this way it is so easy to catch fish even to completely unsophisticated fishermen

• gentle translucent slices of sashimi, served to guests after the cook masterfully cuts off a huge freshly caught tuna

• a night barbecue with, perhaps, a national show with singing under the drums: «bodu-beru» and participation of local residents.

• a bright and memorable dinner in the end of the trip

• Tthe team is trying to provide guests a meeting with a whale shark: acquaintance with this peace-loving giant passes with a mask and a tube and is available to all participants of the cruise (we don’t dive with it with scubas, because of a noise that can frighten the shark and make it go away.

A special holiday is a night barbecue on an uninhabited island. The team makes up the beach in the spirit of the «Survivor»: with torches, candles, arches of palm leaves and a giant sand symbol of the Maldives safari — a whale shark or mantle. In the program: dinner from grilled dishes, walks on an uninhabited island under the stars and the moon, perhaps — a national drum-show bodu-beru performed by the ship’s crew, and, of course, the entire romance of the palm trees silhouettes under the dome of the starry sky — all the charm of the uninhabited island in Warm Indian Ocean.

If you never tried diving before, you can try it during this trip with a professional PADI diving instructor. One dive is absolutely free. If you like it (it always happen) you can study the first course ‘Open Water Diver’ and become a certified diver with world-known license. The course can be teached in Russian, English or French.

Напишите тут, чтобы присоединиться или задать вопросы. Если вам удобнее поговорить, то звоните +7(921)664-64-97